jtc cleantech park, singapore

singapore  singapore’s first eco-business park, cleantech park (jtc), scheduled for completion in december 2011, is located on naturally undulating terrain, matured lush greenery and meandering streams. atelier dreiseitl’s design embraces existing greenscape to combine both public and private research facilities, stormwater retention areas and public open space. a strong emphasis has been placed on finding a long term sustainable balance between the development’s commercial needs and the site’s natural biodiversity. the bamboo pavilion, located at the heart of the central stormwater retention lake, offers jtc’s employees and visitors a vantage point to enjoy the serenity of the lush environment. collaborating with atelier dreseitl’s singapore team, bodega led the effort translating the landscape architect’s schematic design for the bamboo pavilion and developing the design details to advance the project into the construction phase.

collaboration with atelier dreiseitl singapore